Bio and Artist Statement

Joseph Cagliuso is currently a contributing photographer and writer for Nature Photographer magazine of which he has written numerous articles with accompanying photographs. His work has appeared in Photographers Forum, "Best of Photography 1995" and has received numerous awards from the Professional Photographers of America. In addition he is a current charter member of "North American Nature Photographers Association". Joseph teaches locally both in his studio and in the field with many shooting venues to choose from.

"My interest in photography stems from the moment my father gave to me my first box camera (Kodak Brownie Hawkeye).
Photographing the mysteries of Nature and its alluring charm, I am always fascinated by an emotional response I experience with the subject matter that is presented to me. It is at that moment that I start the process of composing my image. By using the power of acute observation, which by the way we all possess (we just need to be aware of it), I start by extracting an area of my scene, paying close attention to detail. I concentrate on lines, shape, form, patterns and the quality of light, all the components that make up the whole subject in my frame. I now experience "Feeling The Moment" and press the shutter.

My images at times, may show the apparent or visible content not always recognizable, thus leaving you with a feeling of curiosity and numerous possible interpretations, but hopefully they can convey to you a deep appreciation of the beauty and mysteries of this earth we live on.

Nature's symphonies are all around us. All you have to do is listen.